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when Tamron interviews you...

thosemomentsofmine product photography; 1 white dropper bottle and it's white box (for a skincare brand) sit on top of a glass shelf, surrounded by 3 beauty blenders (in various colours of pink) and 2 lilac-coloured flowers. Behind them is a pink opaline background.

I have been so beyond excited to share this interview with Tamron (a vastly popular and well-known lens brand). What a proud (mind-blowing) moment for me!

Tamron reached out over a month ago, asking to interview me for an eNews Article feature... and of course, being a Tamron lover, I said yes!

Their very lovely writer, Jenn Gidman, called me one evening, and we spoke about all things Product Photography, how my career began, and how I use my Tamron 17-28mm lens within my work.

I have beaming ever since! What an honour to be interviewed by one of the world's leading lens creators, and a lens creator that I frequently use!

You can read the full interview here.

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