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thosemomentsofmine product photography -

...hello hello! I'm Claudia, founder of thosemomentsofmine and sister site PerfectlyClaudia

Gifted with a love for creativity, no matter what I've done over the years I've always had a camera by my side - be it work or travel. I've held a camera in my hands for as long as I can remember. I used to cost my parents a small fortune in film developing (yes, I'm from the era of film)! Thankfully they nurtured the passion and gifted me with my first ever digital camera at the early age of 12 (I have a photo to prove it!).


Macro photography was where it all began for me. From there, the excitement of being behind a lens grew, and I came to work with Samsung during my late teen years, creating professional content with their latest cameras for their marketing department.

Paired with a love for seeing the world, I professionally moved into travel photography and content creation in 2017, when @perfectlyclaudia was born. I have worked with an array of brands and businesses, creating both influencer content and product photography for them.

My creativity and passion for photography has always been a part of my day to day, and no matter the style of photo content I'm creating - I always put my all into it. Capturing moments and creating beautiful imagery is magical, and I'd love to work with you to bring life to your brand.

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